Sunny Days in Summerlin

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. But it feels like spring didn’t even happen this year. I’m used to being poolside or brunching al fresco with my babes while getting drunk on mimosas. Instead, I’m stuck indoors basking in the sunlight streaming through my bedroom windows while under my fresh linens. Still not a bad alternative, but can we please go back to normal now?

I recently made a Tiktok about how much I missed going to the f*cking bar, and how much I just wanted to order margaritas with my friends. I miss being myself so much. I miss doing so much in one day and feeling productive and crushing my goals… But also, I’m grateful to be healthy, alive, and well. I’m grateful that my family and friends are healthy. I’m grateful for this beautiful life.

This outfit was shot in April 2018. I’ve changed so much since then. Looking at these photos of myself is like I’m looking at a different girl. I looked happy but, in reality, I was not. I was highly insecure and sought validation from all the wrong places. I didn’t even know who I truly was.

Fast forward to today, and that lil insecure girl has disappeared. And I’m so happy to glow and thrive. I realized that my mindset was everything. Once I changed my thoughts, my whole world changed.

Shot by April 2018 by Juju in Tivoli Village.


Coping with Quarantine

I had a conversation with my best friend Johanna yesterday because I felt an overwhelming sense of dread. It finally hit me that I was currently in furlough from my full-time job and that this quarantine might last longer than I expected. All of Vegas is hurting. All of my friends are hurting. I am hurting.

Everyone is alone together. And a lot of people are living in fear right now. Even my family members don’t want to go to the grocery stores or see each other. It’s so unprecedented, unexpected and unpredictable. All of this is really hard, emotionally, mentally and financially. I felt helpless and useless. I felt like I wasn’t in control. And for someone like me who is always in control of my life, all of this is super uncomfortable.

Johanna told me that I’m feeling uncomfortable and uneasy in quarantine simply because I’m not being myself. I embody the busy working girl, the hustler. The “boss bitch” (in her words, but honestly I don’t feel like a boss bitch most days… just feel like I’m working too hard for my goals, but it makes me happy to work hard). Before shit hit the fan in Vegas, I had three to four events each week, photoshoots on the weekends or weeknights, friendly dates, my full time job, and work when I got home. I was BUSY.

And now, I’m not as busy. But I’m trying to occupy my time with community outreach projects, influencer partnerships, learning how to shoot self portraits, writing, cooking, working with local businesses to help them stay afloat, making TikToks, and rediscovering myself. I’m hoping that once everything returns to my version of normal, that I can learn to keep my balance of self-care and hard-working hustle.

Adjusting to this new normal where I don’t have full control over my life has really messed me up. I’m not going to sugarcoat this. This pandemic is making a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s displacing a lot of us. But I would rather deal with being stuck at home than being a frontliner or first responder. That’s so much harder. I have plenty of friends who work in healthcare and they’re struggling even more than those of us who are stuck at home. That’s why I felt so uncomfortable with not being able to do anything about any of this, with not being able to physically help my community. So I decided to do the most I can from my position at home.

If I come out of this quarantine without having accomplished anything, then that’s 45 to 60 days wasted. Yes, I’m sad that I’m not working full time, I’m not able to execute my travel plans, and I’m not seeing my friends… Everything has been pushed back. I’m in a physical stand-still but I’m not stuck. I keep reminding myself this every single day. I can continue working on myself and other projects that will benefit my future. I need to plan for longevity.

I’ve started interior design projects for my apartment and realizing that doing that in a rental space can be difficult. I’ve started buying more plants. I bought more decor for my living room, and I’m planning my gallery wall for the dining room. I’m getting peel and stick backsplashes to spruce up my kitchen and planning where I can place my cello and guitar that I’ll be renting soon. Quarantine might suck for everyone but we have to find the positive in the situation. We’re in this together. The whole city of Las Vegas is in this together. And we’ll come out of this #VegasStronger.

Shot by Juju in February 2018.

Spring Is Here: Polka Dots, Sunflowers & Gratitude

Spring is my favorite season. The flowers are blooming, there’s occasional rain, I don’t have to wear winter clothes anymore, AND IT’S NOT TOO HOT IN VEGAS. Literally perfect Vegas weather, aside from the seasonal allergies, of course.

But I’m kind of sad because this spring doesn’t feel like previous years’ spring season. I can’t just go out and bask in the sun. I can’t just lay by the pool and get in the hot tub to relax the constant tension in my shoulders… I can’t just have brunch with my best friends on the patio of our favorite spot. We have to stay home. But we have to do this quarantine to help the frontliners curb the number of COVID-19 cases. So in that sense, I’m okay with not having the mobility and freedom to do what I usually do when spring comes around every year. The more we stay inside, the quicker it is for us to get back to normal. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting used to this “new normal”.

Because we’re in such an unprecedented time, I’ve been feeling really emotional and introspective lately, which usually doesn’t happen. I’ve been on the hustle and grind for so long that I was just constantly chasing the next thing, the next goal, the next dream to achieve. I never took the time to look inside myself and reflect on all that I’ve done. I’ve never taken the time to just breathe and “smell the roses”.

I’m grateful that I have this time with myself now. I’m finally falling in love with my solitude and finding even more things I’m grateful for every single day. I think gratitude is the biggest, most positive thing that is coming out of this pandemic. Everyone is coming together and working together for each other. And we’re all seeing that we’ve taken a lot of things for granted.

Have you noticed that Las Vegas always reacts in the best way possible whenever something bad happens in the town? I love my community and I love my city. I love its people and its businesses. I love Las Vegas. I’m eternally grateful to live in such a beautiful city. Literally everyone is doing their part. A lot of my friends and I are helping spread the word that local restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery, and that they’re all abiding by the new CDC guidelines for food-handling. I’m constantly posting about small businesses and their initiatives during this time. The Las Vegas community is beautiful. And even though I’m technically on furlough, I’m not worried. Because I know we’ll come out of this stronger than before. #VegasStronger

Remember that gratefulness and positivity go a long way. If you change your thoughts, you change your world. Practice good mental wellness practices. And know that this is all temporary. You can go see your friends and grab that cup of coffee on the terraza soon.

Dress: Mura Boutique // Moonstone Ring: Earthbound Trading Co. // Mules: Billini // Hat: Thrifted // Bangle: Alex & Ani // Deathly Hallows Necklace: Alex & Ani // Lariat: Mai Boho Life // Watch: TIMEX // Anklet: Gifted // Shot by Juju in March 2018 at Tivoli Village


Glam Look: Shimmery Top, Lacy Skirt & Faux Fur

I don’t often go for glam looks like this. My style is defined more as a modern bohemian casual look that centers on flowy and comfortable pieces. Needless to say, this look was definitely out of my comfort zone. But I’m all about getting out of my comfort zone. I wanted to rock a look that made me feel confident and powerful. And this look was just that.

I focused a lot on the details for this look, pairing the shimmery sequined top with gold and bold accessories and a red lip. Again, I wanted to go all out. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I stick to gold jewelry and watches because that’s what suits my skin tone best.

The blue agate ring is from this shop in South Lake Tahoe. I shopped at Earthbound Trading Co. every single day of my Tahoe vacation. I can’t wait to go back. I wanted to buy the whole store! I bought a lot of jewelry and a Himalayan salt lamp that diffuses essential oils as well. By far my favorite part of Tahoe. It wasn’t the nature or the skiing—it was Earthbound Trading Co.

This shimmery sequined top (it’s actually a mini dress that I styled as a top) features a detailed sequin duck. This is one of those pieces that just caught my eye at the store. Why else would I buy a duck dress? I remember browsing around H&M one day with my family and my mother and aunt thought this piece and the faux fur coat would look good on me. So they bought it for me as an early Christmas present. And I fell in love!

I guess you can say that my style is influenced by both my mother and my aunt. My mom likes a lot of glam trends (think J.Lo and Christina Aguilera) but my aunt likes the girly bohemian trends. So my personal style is a mixture of the two. But then there are days when I look like a boy in sweats, crops and sneakers, so I guess I’m also just a fashion chameleon…

Just wanted to note that I actually shot this set in early 2018. Again, I’m catching up on this huge backlog in my archives of content I never posted on the blog. I’m rediscovering outfits I wore for shoots that I want to wear again for a night out or ladies brunch. I need to repurpose this specific outfit for a night out once Las Vegas is over its lockdown and all the casinos and nightclubs open back up. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during social distancing.

Faux Fur Coat: H&M // Shimmer Sequined Mini Dress: H&M // Skirt: Thrifted // Heels: Steve Madden // Watch: TIMEX // Ring: Earthbound Trading Co. // Red Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Goddess 202 // Shot at Neon Apartments in DTLV


Oversized Denim & Glen Plaid

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I’m never consistent on my blog but I post almost daily on Instagram. It’s hard when working a full-time career in Casino Advertising, doing the influencer thing on Instagram and still having enough energy to find time to write. But that’s all hopefully going to change. Today, I set a goal that every weekend, I’ll write three blog posts and schedule them to post throughout the week. No more excuses. I have so many shoots, so many events, and so much content to write about.

This set was shot in late 2017 by one of my favorite photographers, Juju. When I first started taking my IG game seriously in mid-2017, she taught me how to pose, how to dress, what makeup to wear for shoots and pretty much cultivated my early aesthetic on social media.

I admired her clean and crisp photography and we executed a lot of creative projects together—projects that I never got to post on the blog because of how busy I was with work. Now that I actually have time to write and schedule posts, I’m excited to share everything else I’ve been doing and sharing on Instagram but never quite made it to the blog.

This is how I style glen plaid, probably one of my favorite plaid prints out there. I don’t wear many prints because I like to keep my pieces solid and transitional. I usually shop for things that match my closet, not just buying a cute piece. Whenever I shop, I look at how I can wear that particular piece throughout the whole year.

Glen plaid is one of those prints that one can wear all year round. Pair it with an oversized denim jacket for spring, a kimono and a pair of white sneakers for summer, a red lip and blazer for fall, or a teddy jacket and over-the-knee boots for winter. This is why it’s one of my favorite dresses in my closet.

I’m in love with oversized denim anything—jackets, jeans, button-ups, dresses. Just give me denim and I’m happy. I paired this glen plaid dress with simple strappy heels, denim, a leather cabbie hat, vintage Louis reporter bag, and flowers. I had a thing with flowers before. I bought flowers for almost every shoot I had. And I’m thinking maybe I should start this up again. What do you think? Should I bring back flowers at every shoot?

Glen Plaid Dress: 2020AVE // Oversized Denim Jacket: Thrifted // Strappy Heels: Steve Madden (similar here) // Watch: TIMEX // Cabbie Hat: Princess Polly (similar here) // Red Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Goddess 202 // Bangle: MantraBand // Layered Necklaces: MaiBohoLife // Jewel Ring: Joomi Lim // Bag: Louis Vuitton vintage reporter bag // Shot in Downtown Las Vegas Arts District


How I Style: Red Faux Patent Leather

Red patent leather is a bold move. And I’m all about being bold, in anything I do. It’s all in or nothing at all. Why half-ass something when you can just try your best and hope for success? (Gosh, I sound like a cheesy motivational ad.)

Red is my power color. I feel like a winner in red. It brings out the fierce & fearless side of me and I love that. Sometimes, I need to rely on my outfit to make me feel good. You can relate, right?

This outfit needed balance. The zippered faux patent leather skirt was sexy so I wanted to downplay the sexiness with a crisp white button-up to make it look more sophisticated. I added the cabbie hat to make the look suitable for daytime and paired it with my vintage Louis Vuitton reporter bag.

I shot this with a friend way back in October of 2018 and I remember freezing my butt off because we went to the Strip really early in the morning so we wouldn’t catch the crowds in the shot. Anything for the shot, right?

I’ve made some incredible memories at the Bellagio fountain. Reminiscing about it actually makes me cry. The fun times, the love, the heartbreak, how my heart used to flutter.,, This fountain seems to be the place I go when I want to reminisce. And that’s exactly what was going through my mind when I shot this set. My expression emulated the gratefulness I felt every time I remembered the memories made at this fountain. I’m grateful for the good and the bad. Every memory, every moment is an experience I cherish.

Skirt: Princess Polly // Shirt: UNIQLO // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Hat: Princess Polly // Bag: Louis Vuitton


Thanksgiving: A Reflection

Thanksgiving this year was not traditional for me. In the past years, I’ve spent it with family. This year, my family went to Park City per usual but I wasn’t able to come with. So I went to a Friendsgiving at my chef friends’ place, also one of my favorite lunch spots, Valencian Gold. It was amazing and I was on doggie duty watching two Akita puppies while eating my feast. I reminisced to my most fun Thanksgiving which was 2017 when I spent a few days in Lake Tahoe and realized how far I’ve come since that time.

I’ve grown and transformed in my career, with relationships, perspective, goals in life. I keep reinventing myself and keep going through a cycle of metamorphosis. And I think that’s my normal. Growth is all I’ve known and I’m so grateful for that. I can’t imagine myself ever being stagnant and content. I crave constant movement upwards, constant grinding, persistence, and hard work.

One thing I need to learn is making time to rest. I am so often bombarded with work and obligations that I tend to prioritize that and other people before myself. I guess it’s the Cancer in me. I care a lot, sometimes too much. I need to learn when to slow down and when to grind because that is essential to growth as well. You can’t give if there’s nothing left to give. I always tell all my friends to practice self-care but I need to take my own advice because all I know is being busy on-the-go always.

Here’s a rare photo of my best friend Adrianne and I smiling for once. I gotta say, I’m really grateful for all the people who have come into my life, all the experiences I’ve shared, and all the memories made. I used to love shopping and gifts, but now all I want and value is presence. That’s it. I just need quality time, catching up, eating, hanging out, whatever. I don’t need gifts or material things. Presence is the best present.

Top : Amethyst Colony // Skirt : Vintage Denim // OTK Boots : 2020AVE // Necklace : Karma & Luck


Halloween 2019: Joker Szn

I don’t usually put that much effort into Halloween costume because I tend to go pretty basic. Think classic sorority girl in some cheesy lingerie costume. Hey, it’s Halloween, right? Being scantily-clad in public is acceptable for this one night every year. That’s probably why I don’t have many pictures of myself on Halloween—it’s very off-brand of me to be seen wearing said costumes.

This year, I put in a little more thought and effort. This year’s blockbuster season gave me some serious inspo. I wanted to be Pennywise, but didn’t want to give myself nightmares. Instead I decided to be the female version Joker. I wanted to be not-so-basic. Joker, but make it fashion.

I wanted to keep the costume understated and sophisticated. No corny green and purple theme going on here. The vision was to keep it very classic—my own unique interpretation of Joker. So, I went with a classic Calvin Klein pinstripe black suit. Modern, sexy and sophisticated.

I wanted to give the movie a proper homage, but add my own special twist. It was definitely a challenge to get the right balance of accurate and cute. I didn’t want to look scary, and I definitely did not want to wear white face paint. My makeup only took 15 minutes! And for someone who’s not really good at makeup, I’m pretty proud of the end result.

We had a great night partying on Halloween night (which was a Thursday)! Can you believe that I didn’t have ONE drink and even went to work the next morning? Yes, I’m a trooper. It’s a lifestyle.

But the party doesn’t stop after October 31st…

We hit up a penthouse party downtown for about an hour. I haven’t been to the Ogden in a while, and I definitely missed the views at the penthouse patio. You can see the whole Las Vegas Strip from their penthouse deck. And we got to see friends who dressed up as IT and Georgie.

I came as Minnie Mouse because I honestly just got lazy. It was an easy and fun costume that didn’t get in my way or make me feel annoyed after wearing it for a bit. Plus, I hadn’t broken out that dress in a year! It was time to wear it again. This year’s Halloween was definitely different from my previous ones. I used to buy costumes but I quite like the idea of repurposing pieces from my closet to create a movie-inspired look. I think I’ll be doing this from now on…

The party didn’t stop after the penthouse. We decided to go to KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub at the Palms and I’m so grateful we did. They had just premiered their Demon Dome on Halloween and we wanted to check it out. That next Monday, KAOS closed its doors—one of my favorite clubs and also the largest dayclub in the world. It just reminds you how Vegas business works and I’m glad I’m not working for the clubs anymore.

Halloween 2019 was definitely one for the books. Best Halloween I’ve had, ever.

Until next time.


Fall Trend: Corduroys & Sneakers

Every time I think of fall fashion, trends from the ’70s pop up in my mind. I’m thinking of burnt orange and woodsy tones, natural makeup, corduroys, and strappy tops. I shot this set two years ago with an incredibly talented girl named Ali who also has a very distinctive and moody photography style, which is honestly what attracted me to her talent. I felt the moodiness was perfect for the concept and I’m so happy she and I were able to create, even if only once. I love that we brought in a moody, on-trend color palette for the outfit, but had bright pops of yellow with the sunflowers. It made for the perfect balance of moodiness and brightness.

This is actually one of my favorite shoots of 2017. We explored Downtown Las Vegas and found some awesome shoot locations. I opted for a corduroy button down skirt because that’s such a trend in the colder months. Since I live in Vegas, I was still able to wear bare legs and white sneakers in the fall. But I would’ve totally paired this with over-the-knee boots for colder climates.

You can dress up the skirt with an oversized off-shoulder chunky sweater and strappy heels for brunch. Or try this skirt with a black lace camisole, a white crisp boxy oversized blazer, and over-the-knee-boots for a night out at the bar or lounge. This corduroy skirt is super versatile, and that’s why it’s still a staple piece in my closet.

This trusty bomber jacket has been with me for a few years. I love layering this on top of almost any outfit because it just gives that sleek, boyish flair that I like in my outfits. I don’t like to look overly sweet and girly or overly unkempt and boyish. I prefer to have a twist in my looks. Recently, I’ve even been pairing hype street style shirts with feminine midi skirts and a pair of nice sneakers and it’s been working out pretty well.

This cabby hat is one of my absolute faves. I cannot live without it. Hats pull together outfits so easily. It’s literally the cherry that tops off an already great outfit. I chose this cabby hat because it fits the vibe of the shoot and pairs better with the bomber jacket than a beret.

I kept the makeup pretty understated and instead chose to focus on the red lip. Not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but I prefer to keep my makeup minimal and natural, usually only changing my lip color. I wish I was adventurous with makeup, but I certainly don’t have the skill (or patience) to do makeup like most girls.

The lipstick is my absolute favorite red ever—Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Créme in Goddess (202). This is my go-to red. It’s the perfect orange red and complements my skin tone and personal style so well. I tend to gravitate towards warmer colors anyway… in anything. I edit my photos to be warmer. I like warmer golden tones in my bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. I prefer warmer tones in jewelry—the reason why I usually only wear gold. Naturally, I’d gravitate towards a true orange red. Plus, this lipstick literally does not come off. I ate a full five-course dinner with my mother a week ago, and she was amazed at how my lipstick didn’t come off, even after consuming five complementary cocktails to each course. This lipstick is my Holy Grail product.

Hope you all enjoyed a trip down memory lane. Feeling nostalgic since this was one of the first shoots that really spurred my drive to take creating content seriously. Hey, we all start somewhere, right? I’ve made some great friends and incredible memories since this time. I’m eternally grateful that social media has brought so many amazing opportunities and people into my life. #blessed


Change Is A Welcome Thing

I try stay true to myself. But that self is ever-evolving. I’m constantly changing, transforming. I always think of myself as a being that blooms but I also go through the cycle… I bloom, wilt, rot and start over. And I’m okay with that. In fact, I love that I go through this because each time I start over, I have more love to give, more forgiveness, more wisdom. I discover parts of myself I never even knew existed. It’s a journey, an adventure.

This set was shot back in 2017, before I even became remotely successful in my career. This was before I even got the Marketing job that fueled my passion and taught me so much (Silverton Casino, that’s you). This was before I even knew what it was like to truly love myself and prioritize myself. I looked happy, I looked radiant in these photos, but inside I was not.

At that time, it was so hard for me to even look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t forgive myself for my past failures in my career and relationships. I couldn’t get over what I went through and just accept that I had to work through things on my own. I expected others to help me, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help but I was way too dependent. Instead, I should have reflected within myself and fixed my issues earlier on.

I was struggling so hard with my insecurities. I was weak-minded, weak-willed, had no backbone. I was so dependent on my friends and family to make me feel validated—to make me feel like I even existed. I was self-destructive. And depressed…

I kept looking back at what could have happened had I just made different decisions in life. But that’s life. You just have to learn to let go. And that’s exactly what I did. I learned how to let go. To let go of past failures and to turn them into learning experiences. To let go of past love, and know that they will always have a place in my heart but we just weren’t right for each other. To accept that I am imperfect and that’s what makes me human and unique. To tell myself every day that I can achieve my dreams.

Fast forward to today. I’m a very different person from the girl in these photos. I’ve achieved a level of success in my career that I’m proud of. I learned how to love myself and to set my limits. I protect my “no”. I know when something is worth my time, energy, and effort. I know what I really want and need in my life. I give myself permission to glow and bloom daily. I forgive myself and others. I am more open and vulnerable. I have much more love to give. I am truly happy.

To my past self: thank you for going through everything you had to go through. I’m stronger and wiser because of you. I met incredible friends who add so much value to my life because of you. I’m becoming the person I dreamed of being because of you. Here’s to practicing more self-love, babygirl. You’re almost there.


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