The Last Days of Summer

How crazy is it that it’s now the end of September? Reminiscing back on “better” days when this set was shot two years ago by my friend Juju. But what does that even mean? Was it truly better before quarantine, before COVID, before all this madness with earthquakes, tropical storms, and forest fires? Was it really better back then?

I disagree. Let’s start with my personal experience. This year has definitely had its ups and downs, but it’s been pure bliss for me… I started the year off single and refreshed—a feeling I’ve truly never felt before because I’ve always been attached to someone else. I felt free and actually kept getting better and better partnerships and deals as an influencer. I was able to expand my network and community in ways I couldn’t before. And I’m still doing that. I’m running with the momentum the start of 2020 gave me.

Even today, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I was one of the very few chosen to come back to work. Despite the amount of work that got dumped on me, I’m still happy. Even through quarantine, I was grateful. I loved having time to slow down and refocus on things I never had the chance to do. I loved having that time to myself to redecorate my apartment. I loved having that time to strengthen my relationships with friends. It was a blessing in disguise.

I got the chance to rediscover myself for almost three months. That’s a quarter of a year, friends. That’s a long time to figure things out. Because of that forced break, I was able to strategize and plan for my future—the steps I’m going to take to get to those dreams that keep me up at night. This year has been a blessing.

My gorgeous friend Mandy. She’s had my back since middle school.

It may seem like times are incredibly hard right now—with the economy plummeting, industries and businesses failing (especially hospitality and entertainment in Vegas), COVID, BLM, earthquakes, protests, West Coast forest fires, the upcoming election… I think this is exactly what humanity needed. We were so focused on stupid bullshit that we forgot that matters needed to be addressed. So much is being brought to light because people are TIRED. And all of this is starting in 2020. I am here for it. I’m here for change. I’m here for the movement.

What’s your favorite moment of 2020?


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