What I Wore: Floral Boheme & Friendships

Friendships are essential to every human, but for a very long time, I was detached and aloof from the people who cared for me the most. These past few months I’ve been so fortunate to reconnect with so many old friends who I lost contact with over the years. I’m so grateful that they even welcomed me back into their lives. 

Surrounding myself with incredible people and being there for each other unconditionally—that’s what makes me truly happy with my friends. They’re always there for me, telling me when I’m wrong and putting me back on track. They have no filter with me and we’re always real with each other. I had a conversation tonight with my best friend, Chloe, and it reminded me of how damn lucky I am to have such beautiful and honest people in my life.

I’ve always considered myself lucky, and I also worked hard for a lot of the opportunities I came across in life. But I wouldn’t be who I am today—a stronger, more candid person—without the support of my amazing family and friends. Positive vibes only. 

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What I Wore: A Crisp White Top, Denim & Happiness

I’ll be honest – this is the first time in the past couple of years that I’ve felt genuinely happy. I’m fully content with where my life is heading, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Always staying busy, reconnecting with friends, working hard, and moving my life forward – these are the things that fuel my drive every day. 2017 has been very good to me so far, and I intend to run with these positive vibes to create something incredible.

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Because of all the things I have to accomplish on a typical busy day, I finally decided to take a more minimalist approach to my wardrobe and personal style. The last thing I need is a distraction. I no longer have the time to stand in my walk-in for hours figuring out which outfit would work for a given occasion so I’ve cut out more than half of my wardrobe because it was time for a change.

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What I Wore: Back to Basics

I was looking at my Instagram feed the other day (only because I was looking for ways to improve my feed, not because I’m a narcissist…), and I realized that I’ve been wearing such different styles lately. So, I decided to dial it down and go back to basics for a day of retail therapy. I needed something simple and comfortable yet chic. I went with this staple look of mine: my favorite MANGO textured tee, my trusty Calvin Klein Jeans (the only brand of jeans that will work with my nonexistent Asian butt), and a pair of neutral stacked heels from ShoeDazzle (only because I’ve broken them down enough to the point where they’re bearable to wear for a few hours). 

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Friday retail therapy 😊

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Mood Vol. III

This playlist is a collection of songs I’ve had on replay for the past few days. Sadly, there’s no particular theme or random musings associated with this week’s mood. I just wanted to share feel-good music. So, just sit back, hit play, and enjoy. 

Do you have any music suggestions?



What I Wore: Simple Bohemian Vibes & A Discussion on Loving Yourself

I don’t usually wear dresses with plunging necklines like this one from TOBI, but when I do, I wear them with a feminine boho chic aesthetic. I’m having so much fun playing around with different styles. I used to wear clothes that I thought looked good on me, but now I prefer to wear clothes that make me feel good.

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Ready for the weekend. #mood

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“I just wanna dive inside your innocence.”

I’ll be honest. I used to hate wearing clothes that were revealing or clothes that made me feel uncomfortable because maybe they showed a bit of my flaws. But now, I really don’t care. I’ve learned to appreciate my body and love myself again. I used to be so critical about every little thing I had to cover up. I finally realized that my value isn’t determined by the way my body looks. For a very long time, I picked away at my self esteem, always telling myself that I had to look skinnier, prettier, better.

It’s sad to look back at my past knowing that I was just like millions of other girls out there who continuously compare themselves to the ideal of having the perfect body or perfect looks. I just wanted to be attractive. I wanted the radiating confidence that certain kinds of women on social media portrayed. What I didn’t know at the time was that I had to accept myself and love myself first to get to that frame of mind

Many times we forget that there’s more substance to a human being than just how they look. We live in such a superficial world which makes it hard to find people, or dare I say *friends*, who appreciate authenticity and candidness. That’s why I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the greatest and realest friends and family.

With that said, cue the procession of photos…

If you’re struggling with the same issues I had in the past, let me just tell you something. You’re beautiful. Every human being is beautiful in their own way. We are all unique. Stop trying to chase after society’s ideal of beauty and perfection because it’s not attainable. Simply love every single part of yourself. 

Outfit Details: Dress from TOBI; Belt from SHEIN; Mykonos Wrap Bracelet from Alex and Ani; Gold Necklaces from Anthropologie; Throw and Pillows from Urban Outfitters; Tea Mug from Japan. 



What I Wore: Polka Dot Mood

Spring(love) is in the air. So, I hit the refresh button on my tired winter wardrobe and decided to go for a playful polka dot look for a fun brunch date at Town Square with our family friend (who’s basically my very stylish aunt). Because wearing polka dots isn’t really my thing, I decided to keep the outfit monochromatic, pairing the wrap dress with a black bomber jacket and my favorite white sneakers. 

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It's a walk in the park.

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Here’s a song that I discovered right before writing this post. Of course, it’s on replay. 

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What I Wore: Dainty Blush

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” -Charles Bukowski

This look is a departure from my simple, almost tomboyish, style. I wanted to play on my feminine side and really work with my new hair to create a slightly ingénue look. This beautiful weather is also a big contributor to the inspiration behind this outfit. In this new year, I plan to redefine and evolve my style as much as I can. It’s like hitting the refresh button on my personal style and perspective. 

I should also properly thank Cici from Salon Fontana in Henderson, NV. She’s the one who worked magic on my hair and completely transformed my look. She gave me new inspiration and energy to keep moving forward. I can’t thank you enough, Cici! 

But before we get to more photos, here’s a song I’ve had on replay. Doja Cat never fails. 

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Mood Vol. II

You were never my dream to dream. 

Today’s playlist is a bittersweet love story. Looking back at the past four years from a detached perspective, I have absolutely no regrets. Things happened, but I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I’m grateful that I can be a stronger person because of my past experiences. I’m happy that I now have control of my life again. I’m simply evolving into the person I’m supposed to be. There are no feelings left but respect for him for loving me the way he did. 

n u a g e s – Beside You

This song reminds me of the beginning where it all started. We were young so there wasn’t much we could do in Vegas. We were content with simply spending time with each other and going on long night drives. I remember coming home and listening to my mother’s lectures about how I shouldn’t be out late. But he was the first guy to really show me how much I meant to him. I was falling hard and I knew it. I remember the moment when he looked at me while we were eating at In-N-Out on our third date and I just knew that he liked me back. We were always beside each other. Inseparable. 

Rendezvous at Two – Love Me Right 

Something about him I could never ever replace. There’s something in his embrace that’s driving me crazy and I’m addicted to the thrill and I’m addicted just a little bit to the way he’s making me feel. I’m holding on so tight.

At some point, we fell in love. He confessed and I told him I felt the same way. We spent almost every day together. He was my best friend and he knew me the most out of everyone. He made me feel like I was on top of the world and that I could achieve anything and everything I wanted in life. It was your typical love story. I thought it was perfect regardless of each others’ flaws and shortcomings. I remembered thinking to myself that things couldn’t get any better. We saw each other as life partners, soulmates. How naive we were…

Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me

Help me understand your love
Help me go the way you want me to go
‘Cause I can’t guess the things that you’re thinking so
Help me understand your love
Tell me everything you want me to know
‘Cause I can’t fix it ’til I know that it’s broken

Tell me what you want. Those were words I actually uttered innumerable times. When we moved in together, everything changed. Our relationship was a bit shaky but we stuck it out. We had patience for each other because at the end of the day, we knew we both loved each other. We sacrificed so many things just to be together. Slowly, we started to change. I had more tolerance for his quirks and I was essentially oblivious to all the ways he treated me less than what I deserved. But I stayed…

Rendezvous at Two – Missed Call 

I talk to God at night asking, “What were you thinking?” as I’m standing here. I talk to my reflection asking, “How will I… how will I survive when I live in fear?” The more I love, the more I break. And I’ve never been one to learn from my mistakes. And so I keep losing it more, until you call.

Some miscommunication happened, or should I say, complete lack of communication. We rarely talked aside from how was work and how our day was. I guess we grew a bit tired of seeing each other every day and living together. Then, we started talking about marriage because we had this fantasy that we would stay together until our dying days. But aside from talking about it, we never really showed each other that we wanted it. When we felt that we were losing grip on each other and that we were slipping away, we fumbled and decided to plan a wedding. It was a desperate attempt to save the relationship because we’d been through so much together. We felt that everything we went through would be a waste if we didn’t at least have something to show for it. If anything, we didn’t want to fail in our relationship. But I knew that the more I gave of myself to this person, the more I broke my heart. I lived in pain every day, asking myself, “Is this what I really want?” 

Ta-ku – We Were In Love

I was the only one. So, I was the only lonely one. 

We were in love, but that love faded away. We grew apart. We were planning a wedding and showing everyone a filtered version of our relationship. Everyone only saw the perfect apartment, perfect furniture, perfect food, perfect clothes, perfect everything. But we never once hinted at the problems we had behind closed doors. It was toxic, dysfunctional. It became so one-sided. I took care of all of his needs, but he couldn’t even lift a finger to take care of me even when I would get sick. I was tired of the arguing, and lack of effort and thinking on his part. He turned his back on me, on us. I knew that, yet I gave him another chance…

Rendezvous at Two – Too Much

I know you
And you know me
So why are we
Sleeping separately?
Say you love me
And I love you
Then we argue
And you needin’ proof

Maybe we just had too much.

This was a time of acceptance. We knew that we fell apart and there was no saving it. We would argue about the relationship, about the wedding, about each other, about his guilt, about our love. I knew I had enough. I loved him, but I had to love myself more. I had to put myself first if I was ever going to be happy. I was done. My patience and tolerance for him were spent. I had too much. 

Doja Cat – Trauma 

I might get ugly, if nobody loves me anymore.

I go back there every time you leave me crying out to the sky. You can tell me why. Love could be alive, if your love is not a lie. No one’s gonna save you from yourself. And I hope that you feel better. And no one’s gonna want you if you cry for help. And I’m there now.

With every breakup comes heartbreak. Regardless of how numb my heart was during the relationship, I really felt an outpouring of emotions shortly after the breakup. I was sad, angry, happy, grieving, disappointed, untroubled, content, all at the same time. But I went through a few days of just feeling worthless. I thought of all the fights, all the problems we had. I blamed myself for letting those things happen. I blamed myself for allowing him to control me the way he did. I was disappointed that all this time, effort, and love amounted to nothing. But this experience taught me so much in life. My heart feels lighter and happier. I know I won’t make the same mistakes again. I know I can love again. 



Mood Vol. I

I have a love/hate relationship with music. I love the underrated or undiscovered artists who really work for it and have amazing talent. But I sometimes hate what’s on the radio nowadays, and I just can’t bring myself to listen to the same annoying pop song three times in one hour. So, here’s a new weekly playlist to keep you all inspired. 



What I Wore: Shorts & Stripes

One thing’s for sure: I definitely have a thing for chokers, button-ups, and denim shorts. I’m just so happy that the weather in Vegas is quite beautiful these past few weeks because I’m not ready for the heat! 

Aside from this beautiful weather, things have finally calmed down in my life. I’m overjoyed and grateful to be able to reconnect with old friends and spend time with new friends. This journey of self-discovery is so fulfilling, and I’ve definitely learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. I’m now more willing to take risks and live life unburdened by the expectations of other people. Cheers to happier days! 

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Shorts weather! 😍☉😄

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