Vegas Eats: The Black Sheep

I had the opportunity to dine at The Black Sheep, a modern Vietnamese fusion restaurant I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now. I came in expecting an amazing array of food on their menu, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. In fact, The Black Sheep exceeded my expectations. The food was absolutely divine! 

I loved how everything on the menu had a bit of an Asian flair. They had melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, crispy Vietnamese imperial rolls, pickled vegetables, octopus in curry sauce, spicy tamarind chicken wings, and one of my personal favorites of the night, beef crisps (reminiscent of Filipino chicharrón)…. And the selection goes on.

I feasted on so much food that I could barely get up! Their appetizers are just the right size for sharing. Their prices are also reasonable for the amazing service and absolutely delicious food they serve. Sadly, I didn’t try any of their cocktails, which is kind of what they’re known for, but that’s just another reason for me to come back!

The burrata was amazing and so refreshing. The pickled vegetables were so crisp. Everything was incredible. Did I mention that this was just the first course?

Next came the pork belly. Now let’s talk about how picky I am with my pork belly. I don’t like it to be too fatty or overly seasoned, and I also don’t like it if it’s not tender. The Black Sheep did not fail. I love how the forbidden rice was cooked in a banana leaf pouch. It was definitely nostalgic to me since my family sometimes steamed rice in banana leaves when I was growing up in Manila. Also loved how there was chicharrón on the plate as well as marinated cherries, mushrooms, and mustard greens. The bitterness from the greens offset the fattiness of the pork belly. It was a perfect combination of flavors. 

This description of my experience here does no justice to how delicious the food is at this restaurant. And it wasn’t just the food that I was raving about. It was also the ambiance of the place. Granted, the space is a bit smaller than I expected but it’s utilized so well with modern urban details. Loved the interior design here—it definitely complemented the food well. I kept thinking, “This place would do so well on the Strip!”

Now, let’s talk dessert. They said they only did one dessert at this place and it’s a tres leches cake. I’ll admit, I have a sweet tooth. However, I don’t like desserts that are overly sweet. I like to keep my desserts on the low sugar side, and this tres leches cake was so perfect. Dense, moist, and not too sweet! I killed half of it (and I’m not kidding).

Thank you so much to The Black Sheep for hosting us, our awesome server Shepard, and my Style Collective sister Melanie (you’re the best of the best!) for setting this up! It was definitely an incredible way to start the week and put me in the right mindset to start my first day as Social Media Manager of POP Fit Clothing tomorrow! 

Where should I eat next?!


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