Essentials: Milk & Sass, Treat Beauty, Serendipity Nail Polish, Air Repair & Lather

I’ve been obsessing over these beauty essentials lately! I can never have enough beauty products!

So happy to have been introduced to Serendipity Nail Polish because I’m in love with the shades! I’m a sucker for nude and natural shades on my nails because I love to keep things clean and simple. My new favorite shade: Peace, Love & Sandy Feet, this nude on my nails in the photo. It fits so well with my skin tone and I constantly keep coming back to this shade week after week.

The only con to these nail polishes is the fact that it peels easily if you don’t have a strong top coat. But other than that, the shades are opaque and to die for!

Now, let’s talk hair. I’ve always struggled with finding a good hair tie that won’t dent, rip, or strain my hair. And I haven’t found that holy grail hair tie until now! I’m in love with Milk & Sass’ sugar twists! They keep the hold very well and don’t dent or damage my hair. I hope I never lose or run out of these because they’re amazing!

I’ve found my new favorite lip balm: Treat Beauty’s Confetti Cake. I love how moisturizing this is and it’s a huge jumbo stick of lip balm! Here’s another plus—Treat Beauty is an organic beauty brand. I’m obsessed with these natural and efficient skincare/beauty brands. The scent of this balm stick is so sweet and it glides on easily without making your lips feel greasy or sticky. I usually lather this on right before I go to sleep and it almost acts like a lip mask. 

Now onto Air Repair Skincare. This Complexion Boosting Moisturizer is part of a 5-step system to combat inflammation and fatigue. I actually really like the moisturizer. It’s creamy but it’s not heavy and absorbs well into the skin. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the redness and inflammation in my skin, but I guess I just need to keep using the moisturizer for a longer time to see results. The only thing I would change is the scent. I prefer unscented skincare and this moisturizer has quite a strong scent. But I hope it works to reduce redness and brighten my complexion!

Last but not least, we have Lather Skincare. I’ve been in love with Lather for a long time. I discovered this natural and clean beauty brand a year ago. I purchased three of their tinted lip balms and their argan and vanilla lip scrub, and I’ve been coming back for those ever since. I was so happy to find out that Lather sponsored one of our blogger events and I was able to receive these sample goodies. I’ve gotta say, I found new love in the Honey Moisture Mask. It’s amazing! It made my skin feel hydrated and gave me a glow. If you can’t already tell, Lather is one of my favorite skincare brands. Really recommend their lip products as well!

What’s your holy grail skincare product?



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