Glam Look: Shimmery Top, Lacy Skirt & Faux Fur

I don’t often go for glam looks like this. My style is defined more as a modern bohemian casual look that centers on flowy and comfortable pieces. Needless to say, this look was definitely out of my comfort zone. But I’m all about getting out of my comfort zone. I wanted to rock a look that made me feel confident and powerful. And this look was just that.

I focused a lot on the details for this look, pairing the shimmery sequined top with gold and bold accessories and a red lip. Again, I wanted to go all out. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I stick to gold jewelry and watches because that’s what suits my skin tone best.

The blue agate ring is from this shop in South Lake Tahoe. I shopped at Earthbound Trading Co. every single day of my Tahoe vacation. I can’t wait to go back. I wanted to buy the whole store! I bought a lot of jewelry and a Himalayan salt lamp that diffuses essential oils as well. By far my favorite part of Tahoe. It wasn’t the nature or the skiing—it was Earthbound Trading Co.

This shimmery sequined top (it’s actually a mini dress that I styled as a top) features a detailed sequin duck. This is one of those pieces that just caught my eye at the store. Why else would I buy a duck dress? I remember browsing around H&M one day with my family and my mother and aunt thought this piece and the faux fur coat would look good on me. So they bought it for me as an early Christmas present. And I fell in love!

I guess you can say that my style is influenced by both my mother and my aunt. My mom likes a lot of glam trends (think J.Lo and Christina Aguilera) but my aunt likes the girly bohemian trends. So my personal style is a mixture of the two. But then there are days when I look like a boy in sweats, crops and sneakers, so I guess I’m also just a fashion chameleon…

Just wanted to note that I actually shot this set in early 2018. Again, I’m catching up on this huge backlog in my archives of content I never posted on the blog. I’m rediscovering outfits I wore for shoots that I want to wear again for a night out or ladies brunch. I need to repurpose this specific outfit for a night out once Las Vegas is over its lockdown and all the casinos and nightclubs open back up. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during social distancing.

Faux Fur Coat: H&M // Shimmer Sequined Mini Dress: H&M // Skirt: Thrifted // Heels: Steve Madden // Watch: TIMEX // Ring: Earthbound Trading Co. // Red Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Goddess 202 // Shot at Neon Apartments in DTLV


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