Not-Your-Basic Girls Night at Axe Monkeys & Hofbrauhaus

I have the most amazing friends. They’re always down to have an adventure and try unique experiences! Hence, our badass girls night filled with axe throwing and German beer was conceived and executed. And let me set one thing straight: this is so much better than your typical drunk escapades in a loud and cramped nightclub. We actually got a workout from axe throwing, worked up an appetite, and had delicious beer and German food at Hofbrauhaus.

The best part: we remembered the whole night

I was desperately searching for fun ideas to celebrate my best friend Lara’s grad school acceptance and my best friend Mandy’s uni graduation. I knew I needed to make it a night worth remembering. After an hour of sifting through articles of all the *fun* things you can do in Vegas, I came across Axe Monkeys, a new axe throwing facility. At the time, I was working remotely for an axe throwing company. I literally (almost) slapped myself in the face. Why didn’t I think of this right away?! Duh, Danielle, you could make this celebration special, fun, and unique! What better way than to do something we’ve all never done before?!

So, we took advantage of this free time we all had before life got crazy hectic again and booked our reservation at Axe Monkeys. Dinner was originally TBD but we quickly agreed on Hofbrauhaus. Mandy hadn’t been to the Hof in Vegas (but she’s been to one in Germany! Lucky!) and Lara hadn’t been to this Hof in a year or so (but she goes to the one in Frankfurt like EVERY YEAR! LUCKY!). Nevertheless, they were overdue for some damn good German beer. 

We had an incredible time! We realized just how liberating it felt to chuck steel at wooden targets. It wasn’t just a workout, but it also provided some much-needed stress relief for all of us (and maybe a bit of anger management thrown in, too ).

Next up: knife throwing… shooting at the range… or the SkyJump at the Stratosphere? Hmm… 



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