The Ultimate Leap: SkyJump at the Stratosphere

I love my job. I think I’ve said that enough times, but I really mean it. I get to have fun, use my creative skills to make content for an iconic Las Vegas Strip property, and hone said skills to use on my personal blog. 

I know I’ve also said this several times before, but now is really the happiest time in my life. It seems that every new day beats the last when it comes to excitement and fun. It feels like I’m living the dream. 

When I accepted this position at the Stratosphere as their Social Media Coordinator, I never thought I’d be jumping off the tallest observation tower in the US… twice. This experience really helped me tap into my adventurous, risk-taking side. It taught me to live fully, to let go of my inhibitions, to let go of people and mindsets that held me back. It helped me find my #bossbabe self. 

Watch my jump below. You can clearly see that I was a bag of emotions the first few seconds. 

The hardest part of the jump was getting my feet off the platform. It was really windy the day I jumped and I kept having connection issues for the Facebook Live stream we scheduled. I decided to take a video on the second try. The view was incredible at sunset. I never thought I’d see the Las Vegas Strip from such a high perspective. I was able to see so much of the city at sunset, all the twinkling lights, the sun setting over the mountains. It was a breathtaking view. 

After the ride engineer’s countdown, it’s ultimately up to you to take the leap. And I took it right after she said “go”. For me, it wasn’t just a vertical zip line jump—it was symbolic. I got over my fear of heights and my fear of the unknown in that instance. This taught me that I can do anything I want in life. I can pursue my dreams, advance my career, and improve myself every single day. It’s all about the mindset and taking the leap.

Leaving everything behind that held me back—that was the best decision I’ve made so far. 

You all should do the SkyJump at least once. It’s an incredible experience that you simply can’t pass up. I recommend doing the jump around sunset for the best views!



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