Sunny Days in Summerlin

I love spring. It’s my favorite season. But it feels like spring didn’t even happen this year. I’m used to being poolside or brunching al fresco with my babes while getting drunk on mimosas. Instead, I’m stuck indoors basking in the sunlight streaming through my bedroom windows while under my fresh linens. Still not a bad alternative, but can we please go back to normal now?

I recently made a Tiktok about how much I missed going to the f*cking bar, and how much I just wanted to order margaritas with my friends. I miss being myself so much. I miss doing so much in one day and feeling productive and crushing my goals… But also, I’m grateful to be healthy, alive, and well. I’m grateful that my family and friends are healthy. I’m grateful for this beautiful life.

This outfit was shot in April 2018. I’ve changed so much since then. Looking at these photos of myself is like I’m looking at a different girl. I looked happy but, in reality, I was not. I was highly insecure and sought validation from all the wrong places. I didn’t even know who I truly was.

Fast forward to today, and that lil insecure girl has disappeared. And I’m so happy to glow and thrive. I realized that my mindset was everything. Once I changed my thoughts, my whole world changed.

Shot by April 2018 by Juju in Tivoli Village.