Oversized Denim & Glen Plaid

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I’m never consistent on my blog but I post almost daily on Instagram. It’s hard when working a full-time career in Casino Advertising, doing the influencer thing on Instagram and still having enough energy to find time to write. But that’s all hopefully going to change. Today, I set a goal that every weekend, I’ll write three blog posts and schedule them to post throughout the week. No more excuses. I have so many shoots, so many events, and so much content to write about.

This set was shot in late 2017 by one of my favorite photographers, Juju. When I first started taking my IG game seriously in mid-2017, she taught me how to pose, how to dress, what makeup to wear for shoots and pretty much cultivated my early aesthetic on social media.

I admired her clean and crisp photography and we executed a lot of creative projects together—projects that I never got to post on the blog because of how busy I was with work. Now that I actually have time to write and schedule posts, I’m excited to share everything else I’ve been doing and sharing on Instagram but never quite made it to the blog.

This is how I style glen plaid, probably one of my favorite plaid prints out there. I don’t wear many prints because I like to keep my pieces solid and transitional. I usually shop for things that match my closet, not just buying a cute piece. Whenever I shop, I look at how I can wear that particular piece throughout the whole year.

Glen plaid is one of those prints that one can wear all year round. Pair it with an oversized denim jacket for spring, a kimono and a pair of white sneakers for summer, a red lip and blazer for fall, or a teddy jacket and over-the-knee boots for winter. This is why it’s one of my favorite dresses in my closet.

I’m in love with oversized denim anything—jackets, jeans, button-ups, dresses. Just give me denim and I’m happy. I paired this glen plaid dress with simple strappy heels, denim, a leather cabbie hat, vintage Louis reporter bag, and flowers. I had a thing with flowers before. I bought flowers for almost every shoot I had. And I’m thinking maybe I should start this up again. What do you think? Should I bring back flowers at every shoot?

Glen Plaid Dress: 2020AVE // Oversized Denim Jacket: Thrifted // Strappy Heels: Steve Madden (similar here) // Watch: TIMEX // Cabbie Hat: Princess Polly (similar here) // Red Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty Goddess 202 // Bangle: MantraBand // Layered Necklaces: MaiBohoLife // Jewel Ring: Joomi Lim // Bag: Louis Vuitton vintage reporter bag // Shot in Downtown Las Vegas Arts District


Halloween 2019: Joker Szn

I don’t usually put that much effort into Halloween costume because I tend to go pretty basic. Think classic sorority girl in some cheesy lingerie costume. Hey, it’s Halloween, right? Being scantily-clad in public is acceptable for this one night every year. That’s probably why I don’t have many pictures of myself on Halloween—it’s very off-brand of me to be seen wearing said costumes.

This year, I put in a little more thought and effort. This year’s blockbuster season gave me some serious inspo. I wanted to be Pennywise, but didn’t want to give myself nightmares. Instead I decided to be the female version Joker. I wanted to be not-so-basic. Joker, but make it fashion.

I wanted to keep the costume understated and sophisticated. No corny green and purple theme going on here. The vision was to keep it very classic—my own unique interpretation of Joker. So, I went with a classic Calvin Klein pinstripe black suit. Modern, sexy and sophisticated.

I wanted to give the movie a proper homage, but add my own special twist. It was definitely a challenge to get the right balance of accurate and cute. I didn’t want to look scary, and I definitely did not want to wear white face paint. My makeup only took 15 minutes! And for someone who’s not really good at makeup, I’m pretty proud of the end result.

We had a great night partying on Halloween night (which was a Thursday)! Can you believe that I didn’t have ONE drink and even went to work the next morning? Yes, I’m a trooper. It’s a lifestyle.

But the party doesn’t stop after October 31st…

We hit up a penthouse party downtown for about an hour. I haven’t been to the Ogden in a while, and I definitely missed the views at the penthouse patio. You can see the whole Las Vegas Strip from their penthouse deck. And we got to see friends who dressed up as IT and Georgie.

I came as Minnie Mouse because I honestly just got lazy. It was an easy and fun costume that didn’t get in my way or make me feel annoyed after wearing it for a bit. Plus, I hadn’t broken out that dress in a year! It was time to wear it again. This year’s Halloween was definitely different from my previous ones. I used to buy costumes but I quite like the idea of repurposing pieces from my closet to create a movie-inspired look. I think I’ll be doing this from now on…

The party didn’t stop after the penthouse. We decided to go to KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub at the Palms and I’m so grateful we did. They had just premiered their Demon Dome on Halloween and we wanted to check it out. That next Monday, KAOS closed its doors—one of my favorite clubs and also the largest dayclub in the world. It just reminds you how Vegas business works and I’m glad I’m not working for the clubs anymore.

Halloween 2019 was definitely one for the books. Best Halloween I’ve had, ever.

Until next time.