Musings: Mindset.

I never thought so much could happen in the span of two weeks. From losing in love, reconnecting with old friends, to finally pursuing my dreams and getting my career on the road. I finally took a step back and reevaluated what it was I really needed in my life. Gone are the days when I’d follow my wants and do what my heart dictates; I can’t keep living like this. Now, it’s time to think for myself and simply do what is in my best interest. 

I’m a lover, a relationship type of person.
However, I’m not in a hurry or rush to create it.
In the meantime, I’ll be over here in my lane focusing on my health,
advancing my career, and the pursuit of happiness.
I want to make sure that when I meet a match
they know I’m working to become the best me.
This mindset has to attract a soul who is also working on them.
This is my lane.

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What I Wore: Floral Boheme & Friendships

Friendships are essential to every human, but for a very long time, I was detached and aloof from the people who cared for me the most. These past few months I’ve been so fortunate to reconnect with so many old friends who I lost contact with over the years. I’m so grateful that they even welcomed me back into their lives. 

Surrounding myself with incredible people and being there for each other unconditionally—that’s what makes me truly happy with my friends. They’re always there for me, telling me when I’m wrong and putting me back on track. They have no filter with me and we’re always real with each other. I had a conversation tonight with my best friend, Chloe, and it reminded me of how damn lucky I am to have such beautiful and honest people in my life.

I’ve always considered myself lucky, and I also worked hard for a lot of the opportunities I came across in life. But I wouldn’t be who I am today—a stronger, more candid person—without the support of my amazing family and friends. Positive vibes only. 

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