Spring Is Here: Polka Dots, Sunflowers & Gratitude

Spring is my favorite season. The flowers are blooming, there’s occasional rain, I don’t have to wear winter clothes anymore, AND IT’S NOT TOO HOT IN VEGAS. Literally perfect Vegas weather, aside from the seasonal allergies, of course.

But I’m kind of sad because this spring doesn’t feel like previous years’ spring season. I can’t just go out and bask in the sun. I can’t just lay by the pool and get in the hot tub to relax the constant tension in my shoulders… I can’t just have brunch with my best friends on the patio of our favorite spot. We have to stay home. But we have to do this quarantine to help the frontliners curb the number of COVID-19 cases. So in that sense, I’m okay with not having the mobility and freedom to do what I usually do when spring comes around every year. The more we stay inside, the quicker it is for us to get back to normal. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting used to this “new normal”.

Because we’re in such an unprecedented time, I’ve been feeling really emotional and introspective lately, which usually doesn’t happen. I’ve been on the hustle and grind for so long that I was just constantly chasing the next thing, the next goal, the next dream to achieve. I never took the time to look inside myself and reflect on all that I’ve done. I’ve never taken the time to just breathe and “smell the roses”.

I’m grateful that I have this time with myself now. I’m finally falling in love with my solitude and finding even more things I’m grateful for every single day. I think gratitude is the biggest, most positive thing that is coming out of this pandemic. Everyone is coming together and working together for each other. And we’re all seeing that we’ve taken a lot of things for granted.

Have you noticed that Las Vegas always reacts in the best way possible whenever something bad happens in the town? I love my community and I love my city. I love its people and its businesses. I love Las Vegas. I’m eternally grateful to live in such a beautiful city. Literally everyone is doing their part. A lot of my friends and I are helping spread the word that local restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery, and that they’re all abiding by the new CDC guidelines for food-handling. I’m constantly posting about small businesses and their initiatives during this time. The Las Vegas community is beautiful. And even though I’m technically on furlough, I’m not worried. Because I know we’ll come out of this stronger than before. #VegasStronger

Remember that gratefulness and positivity go a long way. If you change your thoughts, you change your world. Practice good mental wellness practices. And know that this is all temporary. You can go see your friends and grab that cup of coffee on the terraza soon.

Dress: Mura Boutique // Moonstone Ring: Earthbound Trading Co. // Mules: Billini // Hat: Thrifted // Bangle: Alex & Ani // Deathly Hallows Necklace: Alex & Ani // Lariat: Mai Boho Life // Watch: TIMEX // Anklet: Gifted // Shot by Juju in March 2018 at Tivoli Village