Women Win Week: Nike x Champs Sports

I always get asked the question, “Danielle, how do you do it?” and I always come back with, “I just do it.” Personifying Nike’s slogan is definitely not easy, so I was really fortunate to have been chosen to represent the Nike Women brand for Champs Sports’ Women Win Week campaign that launched in July 2020. Contrary to popular sentiment, 2020 actually put me ahead in life and it was a year I needed to experience because I came out stronger, smarter, and a better version of myself that I would never have discovered if I had not gone through everything last year threw at me. It was such a challenging year but I stuck to it–I stayed consistent and I worked my ass off. In fact, I credit most of the opportunities I’ve gotten in life to my crazy good work ethic and consistency.

Even in this first quarter of 2021, I’ve been busier than I have ever been. I’m thriving more than I’ve ever thrived in my life. I’m earning my highest salary I’ve ever reached, I’m constantly making new friends and connections in Vegas and Southern California, I’ve picked up the biggest clients I’ve ever had for my digital strategy consulting side business, I’m about to launch my carefully curated online boutique, and I even got featured in the March issue of a print magazine (Vegas2LA Magazine). I’ve signed more deals in 2020 and 2021 than I ever have in previous years and finally made it over 10K followers on Instagram.

The glow-up is real.

It’s crazy where one year of focus can get you. I’ve always been known to be the girl who just gets shit done, and I will continue to be that girl. But remember, that my self care game is strong and I do still take time for me. I take time to enjoy life, celebrate my wins, and treat myself when it’s appropriate. It’s part of a curated lifestyle I’ve set for myself. It’s how I find balance and remind myself that I am human, that self love is the best love.

I’ve had hard days when I feel super overwhelmed (like this week), but it’s all about having a strong mindset and getting through it. Someone told me today that everything I’m going through is just a test and that if we get through it, the rest is a walk in the park. That saved me today.

My point is this: I am thriving but I also have hard days. I’m grateful for all the praise and love and kindness I’ve been receiving from all of you. It truly helps me glow and grow.

We grow through the things we go through. And that’s what truly matters–lessons. That’s what got me to where I am today and what will continue to get me to where I need to go moving forward. Life is a constant learning exercise and if you’re not learning, you’re doing something wrong.